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Snack Time

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Rethink your Snack Ideas 

Find yourself hungry in the middle of the day? Have no time to cook? Well step away from the vending machine. Even their so called “Healthy Options” are far from the best thing you can be putting into your body. The best thing to think before making it a snack is: “Does this have a shelf life of over a week?” If the answer is yes, pass it by. Now I know that his can be hard at first, so slowly make changes.

Really craving pizza and soda? No problem, grab a sparkling water for that carbonation and then one slice of pizza instead of two or three. Add in a salad and a piece of fruit. You still have saved yourself almost half of those calories. Just remember it’s ok to indulge from time to time, but not all the time and only on a smaller potion. Just enough to help you enjoy the flavor, most of the time is ½ or less of your normal potion, if you eat slowly to savor the flavor.

Are you eyeing those chips and dip? Well grab carrots and hummus or bake some fresh chips and have bean dip. Pita or tortillas make great baked chips. Got a few extra mins, make your dip from scratch. It will have less preservatives and less sodium. While using canned beans, you can have a healthy and delicious dip in under 5 mins

Make something unique that will capture other’s attention. Cut up some fruit and simply make some kabobs. Frozen green grapes in the summer was a fave growing up in my home. Slice some mangoes into large chunks, freeze on a stick for another frozen treat.

It takes up to 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full. By simply eating slower you will eat less. Try eating finger foods with a fork and knife, setting them down between bites. Take a moment to really savor the flavor of the food as your chew it.

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can still snack and not lose sight on your goals. You just have to be a little smarter about what and when you snack.


Time to Grow

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Things to come –


What a busy week. So excited!!! I have enrolled in PiYo training for next month, on the 4th. Then on the 18th I have a 5K. I have also just purchased my tickets for the IDEA World Convention in Anaheim, Ca in Aug. My flight is booked as well for it, already. I also have an IHRSA Convention in Los Angeles, Ca in March of 2015.

Check out my short blog on what PiYo is, if you do not know what it is. I’m very excited about that and can’t wait to get started on teaching that at my Gym. It will be a great addition to my current and future skills.

Mid-May I have my second 5K for this year. I am looking forward to it. We are finally getting nicer temps her in the DMV, that I can’t wait. I am hoping to take a min off of my time, from 9 days ago. I will be doing the Color Run this time. I missed it the last time I registered for it.

IDEA is the leader in getting the greatest Personal Trainers together for an amazing convention. It is supposed to have amazing high energy throughout the entire course of the 5 day event. It is held this year at the Anaheim Convention Center, this is home for me. I haven’t been back home since 2007, so I also cannot wait to go home and visit everybody. I booked myself time both before and after the convention to visit with family and friends.

I only bring up the IHRSA Convention in March, because after almost 7 years of not being able to go back home to visit, I will be going twice in under a year.

I am happy to share that there are great things coming up in my future. All of these things are to help me grow as a person and a trainer. I look forward to having your support through it all, and sharing the experience with you.


PiYo ! ! !

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PiYo Training


I’m very excited to announce that I will be going to PiYo training next month!!! I have wanted to take this course since I found out about it, some years ago. About 4 years ago when I started my fitness journey with TurboFire, I fell in love with Chalene Johnson. I was really excited that she created this class too.

What is PiYo you might be asking? Well PiYo is Chalene’s take on Pilates and yoga. It is a cardio workout that is also strength and flexibility. It is low impact with no real jumping (except maybe into plank) and uses only your body weight. To me it is yoga for those with a busy mind and can’t stand doing traditional yoga, but know the importance of flexibility training.

PiYo is a lot alike all other workouts created by Chalene Johnson. It has AMAAZING music that works with each move, to help keep you pumped up to do it. It was also originally created to be a group class taken at the local gym or health club.

I will defiantly be writing a blog after the course on how everything went and what all I learned. I can’t wait until May 4th to do it.


My Go To App

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Charity Miles


This is my favorite and most used app on my phone. Ok maybe after Facebook and my e-mail, but used several times a day. There is no better app one could use while outside working out.

Charity Miles is a simple app that you can run in the background of any other apps you have open as well. It is an app that donates money to your selected charity for every mile you walk, run, or bike. While biking they will donate 10₵ per every mile biked. If you run or walk you earn 25₵ per every mile ran or walked.

Are you ready to take advantage of this amazing app and start giving back to a charity while you work on improving yourself? Great!!! It’s simple, download Charity Miles to your phone (available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.) When you head out for your next walk, run, or Bike ride simply open the app, select what you are doing and pick your charity, press start, and get your workout on. The app will track your distance with GPS and the money earned. When you are done make sure to accept your sponsorship, or your charity will not earn the money. It is that simple. You get into better shape, fitness, mindset, and you are giving back at the same time.

I do want to make sure that you realize that it does track your distance via GPS, so you must be outdoors for it to work. No treadmill work will be tracked by it, and track work indoors if 50/50. I use it as I walk my 4 miles each way to work and from work, as well as when out for a run.

For more information check out their website at


Raw Mango Pie

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Simply Raw Mango Pie








2 pound Dates (pitted)


1 cups Walnuts





10 ripe Mangoes







In a food processor, combine the dates and walnuts until it reaches a cookie dough consistency.




Blend mangoes in a blender until smooth





Press this crust into the bottom of your pie pan dish. Pour in Mango filling on top of the crust. Freeze for 3+ hours to firm up. Must be kept almost frozen or it will become soggy. Top with fresh sliced mango before serving.


Best made in a Springform pan that you can remove the lever, and when ready, take it out, slice it up, and ENJOY! Share this Simply Raw Mango Pie with family and friends!

Chia Seeds - The Super Food of the Mayan's

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Need a little extra pep in your step?

Chaa chaa chia ... 

Today I thought I would write a little about a single food, and why you should include it in your daily diet. I will write a shorter blog on a mono-meal, super food, or supplement to your diet from time to time. This is a great way to know why an ingredient is good for you, as well as how to use it.

Yes I'm talking about the same thing that back in the late 90's we grew plants with. Chia Pets were all the rage for a while. Yet nobody understood that instead of grow a green sheep, they could eat those little seeds. We were holding in our hands the secreat food of the Mayan's. 

Chia Seeds are a great super food, which you should include in your daily diet. You can sprinkle them onto anything you want just about, add them into a smoothie, or eat them on their own. They can absorb up to 10 times their size in any liquid, this makes them great to help thicken up any drink.

Chia Seeds are the highest plant base source of Omega-3. They help with Heart, Mental, and Digestion health. When it comes to Diabetes and Hyperglycemia, chia seeds help by to control the blood sugar. They are a complex protein with 9 amino acids, a great source of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Fiber.

You can find Chia Seeds in your local health food stores or vitamin stores. They are really cheap, and affordable to all. My personal favorite way to enjoy Chia Seeds is in my water. Just let them soak in your water and then enjoy them. They will give your water a light nutty flavor.


Becoming a Personal Trainer

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Why Fitness???


After working in healthcare for about 8 years, you might wonder where the change of heart came from for me to go into Health and Fitness instead. It was a long and slow process that I made to make the change. Yes, I worked in Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices for almost 8 years. However I spent much of my time in the same setting growing up. HealthCare was the obvious choice for me to go with when I wanted to get a real job.

After making the move from California to Maryland then Virginia, I found that Healthcare wasn’t the same for me. I still had California standards, yet I was in an area that did not hold healthcare to that same standard. This made me look at what we were doing for each patient a little bit different. I often heard and saw patients having testing done, that they really did not need.

After I hurt my knee one day at work, I put on a good amount of weight. Mostly from not being able to walk well, and Doctor’s orders to stay off of it. That is when I first started to thinking about going into the Fitness World, which was in 2010. However, I did not want to lose the job security from my Healthcare job. I looked a little into what a Personal Trainer makes a year, and the required schooling. Yet, a few weeks later I just kind of brushed it aside. I didn’t want to act upon it with the economy as it was.

I soon heard about Beachbody. They are the makers of such workouts as Insanity, P90X, and TurboFire. I had just ordered TurboFire, and loved it. They offered a way to join their team and become a coach with them. I jumped on that. I really enjoyed running a Fit Club every week, where I would lead a workout to the public for free. I however couldn’t put very much time into my coaching with a job at the Hospital. I was pulling in 50-60 hour weeks at that time, and was not making enough from Beachbody yet to leave that job. I then decided to let go of my ties with Beachbody, almost a year later.

I again found myself looking at the Personal Training schools and all I would need to make that happen. I was still afraid to say anything to anybody about my idea of making the change. Change is scary and hard. I needed to make this happen on my own time and without anybody’s negativity over such a change. I spent a lot of hours looking at different schools, reading comparisons, talking to Advisors at those schools, and reading reviews from past students. I had it down to two school to pick from. I recently had a friend get her CPT and asked her a lot of questions. With her help I knew what school I wanted to go with.

At this time I finally started to talk with my Husband about how I wanted to make a career change. I took a HUGE pay cut to start working at a gym. However I found myself so much happier that the money did not matter. I enrolled in school, at the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) at the end of 2013.

I am so glad with my decision to make the change. I have found so much amazing support from my colleges. My GM and Director of Personal Training are both more than happy to help me with my homework when I get stuck. We have already talked about me moving from my current position to Training once I get my CPT. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long.

I will happily start doing training programs online, please free to message me if you want to get started before I add it to the site. I will be adding that to the site in the foreseeable future. I have also started looking already in getting Turbo Jams and PiYo Certified. Both are amazing programs that I want to be a part with. You never know I may also re-join with BeachBody in the coming months as well. Lots of changes come this way.


March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

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Do you or a Loved one have Endo?

Nearly 5.5 Million Women in North America alone are living with Endometriosis. I am one of those women. What is Endometriosis (Endo) you might be thinking? It is when the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus starts to grow outside of the uterus. Most commonly on organs in the pelvic region. Some of the most common symptoms include (but not limited to):

• Extremely painful or even disabling menstrual cramps

• Chronic pelvic or low back pain

• Painful intercourse

• Heavy menstrual cycles

• Infertility

These symptoms can get so severe that it can leave women unable to live a normal life. There is no known cause and no cure at this time. Treatment options are limited and include the use of pain medication, hormone therapy, and surgery. Most OB/GYN’s will try to use Pain and Hormone therapy the most, as it is the cheapest and easiest way to try and control the symptoms. This comes down to Birth Control medications or medications that will put the body into a Menopausal state. However most women cannot deal with the side effects of these medications for long periods of time. Some are so harsh that you cannot be on them for more than a year. There is also surgery where they try to remove as much of the Endo Tissue, however it is known to grow back. In extreme cases Doctors will perform a Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and depending the Ovaries will be removed as well.

I personally have tried all the above. None of them have worked for me. I started on Birth Control pills at the age of 15 to try and help with my cramps. They never really helps me at all, so I often went on and off of them. Not yet knowing the cause of my extreme pain I came off the Pill at 19 for good. I was newly married and we thought that it would be great to start a family together. Shortly after I found myself pregnant, only to lose the pregnancy. Heartbroken, I started to comfort myself in junk food. I soon found that the pain every month was getting worse and worse. Two year later I found myself sitting in the OB/GYN’s office talking about surgery to find out if I had Endo. At this point the extreme pain I was in most of the time was about to cost me my job. I was unable to work several days at a time. I couldn’t get out of bed due to the pain some days.

After the first surgery, I recall waking up in the PACU to the pictures and news that it was Endo. I was told that they removed as much as they could and I could start on Lupron. Lupron is one of those crazy medications that puts your body into a Menopausal state. It is also a last resort medication, most of the time, due to the harsh side effects. Lupron helped better than anything else I had tried. However, I still had pain every month when I normally would have a cycle. I gained over 20 more pounds, was depressed, had hot flashes, and couldn’t sleep even though I was tired ALL of the time. After a year of that I went in for surgery again. This time I was told to try Depo-Provera. I agreed feeling hopeless. I knew that this was the last thing I had to try. After less than 3 months I knew that it was not helping.

I started to talk to every Doctor I could about. My last option was to have a hysterectomy. At this point, I was fine with that. I just wanted to be pain free at this point, and to be able to live my life without having to worry of how much pain I might be in that day. However no Doctor would do the surgery because I was still in my early 20’s. Almost a year later I found myself losing hope in ever finding a Doctor willing to try anything to help me.

Feeling lost and alone, I started to think back to my childhood of seeing an Old Chinese Doctor. He always had the cure for everything. However, he would tell my mom things that we should include or exclude in our diet to help cure what ailed us. With a small ray of hope I sat down at my computer and started to look at a Holistic Remedy to my Endo. I found story after story of women how was pain free with Endo for years! WHAT! How could these ladies find it? I needed to know. Hours later I got up to grab another soda and some fried chicken with the answer. They went on what is called “The Endo Diet.”

I wasn’t really sure how to process all I had just read. Over the coming weeks, I just thought about it from time to time. It wasn’t until I was stuck in bed in the fetal position that I really thought about it. The next day, after that, over dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I told my Husband that after we finished this meal I wanted to try and go Vegetarian. Knowing that we always made fun of those crazy tree hugging hippies, I quickly add that I would still eat fish. I spent the next hour telling him all about what I have been reading. We agreed that I would keep fish in my diet but try the Endo Diet otherwise.

The Endo Diet is for no better way to put it a Vegetarian that stays away from Gluten, Soy, Caffeine, and anything with hormones in it. Now I know this seems extreme, so I said I would give it one month to find out if this would help. At the one month mark, I had cheated once with a piece of baked chicken, and a ton with soy. I felt AMAZING!!!

Over the next year I went almost vegan, with the exception of a rare piece of fish. With times where I am eating Fully Raw. Today, I eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Occasionally I will have soup, beans, fish, or gluten free pasta. The cravings are very few and far between that I want anything outside of this. It’s still not perfect, but it isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be when I first started.

Who would have ever thought that just changing what I ate would make such a difference in my whole life. I never have to think twice about making plans to do anything with friends and family. I am getting back down to my ideal weight. I am off all of those crazy medications and rid of the side effects that come with them. Most importantly of all, I have my life back!!! Endo no longer controls my life. Yes, I still have slip-ups from time to time. When I start eating all the meat and processed foods again, my Endo will flare up again leaving me in pain. However the flares are not even half as bad as what my daily pain was just two years ago.

Looking back now I think that almost anybody with the will power can take back their life from any chronic disease. We are what we eat and clean, healthy eating is key to a long and happy life.

Raw Vegan Banana Pie

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Raw Banana Pie



½ pound Dates (pitted)

2 cups Walnuts



6-10 ripe Bananas



For the crust:

In a food processor, combine the dates and walnuts until it reaches a cookie dough consistency.

For the filling:

Blend bananas in a blender until smooth



Press this crust into the bottom of your pie pan dish. Pour in Banana filling on top of the crust. Freeze for 3+ hours to firm up. Must be kept almost frozen or it will become soggy. Top with any fresh fruit before serving.

Best made in a Springform pan that you can remove the lever, and when ready, take it out, slice it up, and ENJOY! Share with family and friends!

Raw Vegan Apple Pie

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Apple Pie





½ pound Dates (pitted)


2 cups Walnuts




Apple Filling:


2 Apples


1 pound Dates (pitted)


1 tsp. Cinnamon




Apple Layers:


5-10 thinly sliced Apples






For the crust:

In a food processor, combine the dates and walnuts until it reaches a cookie dough consistency.


For the apple pie filling:

Blend 2 apples with approx 1 lb of dates, cinnamon, and a small bit of water until it reaches a thick, smooth, pie filling consistency.


For the layers:

Thinly slice your apples with a knife or with a mandolin






Press this crust into the bottom of your pie pan dish. Start to alternate between an apple layer with an apple pie filling layer. Layer up to the top of your pie pan.


Best made in a Springform pan that you can remove the lever and slice yourself a little piece of heaven! Enjoy immensely and share with family and friends!