Barbara Masters

To Your Health and Fitness

My Must Haves

These are all things I use and love. However none of them are necessary for you to start working out out or to succeed.   

The Flip Belt (get your HERE) is a great new design to the old fanny pack, to carry your phone, keys, money, and ID. You can wear it at the gym or while out for a run. All your things stay put, and by just flipping it over, they are all secure as well. 

Heart Rate Monitor (Click HERE to get yours) I personallty have the Polar FT7, and LOVE it. However you can get whichever best fits your budget. It is critical to know what your heart rate is at while working out and you can only get a true feel for your Calories burned by wearing one while you workout. 

FitBit (Get yours HERETracks steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, active minutes, and sleep patterns. Can be worn just about anywhere on your body, and will help keep you moving. It's a great way to make sure you get the minim 10,000 steps required in a day. 

C9 Sports Bra (Click HERE to get your) Ok so I am all about a great bra that will hold your girls like it's suppose to, without breaking the bank. These from Target are so great that the girls in Insanity (from Beachbody with Shawn T) wore these sport bras. Yet they are also very affordable.

Glass Water Bottle (I got mine from Home Goods) Doesn't really matter where you get the bottle from, but you need to carry water with you. I have a 2 litter one. It is a little on the larger side, but I don't have time to keep refilling it all the time. Why glass you might be thinking. There are chemicals in plastice bottles that can be harmful to your body. Glass also allows you to truly taste your water.

Support Group (Ladies feel free to request HERE) Bodyrockin' Bods Facebook group for all women, ran by your truely. It is a great group full of ladies who share all aspacts of life. As Fitness is not just about a workout but your well-being. That includes all aspacts of life.