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Online Personal Training 

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Do you wanting a personal trainer but not the price of one? Need that little help in the kitchen? Start with an Online Personal Training Package then. I offer 30, 60, and 90 day Personal Training Packages. These will all include Cardio, Strength Training, Flexibility Training, and Nutrition* tailored to your personal needs and life style. It’s all done through e-mail, text, and over the phone. Join with a friend for a discount.

  • Initial Consultation – I will send you a few forms to fill out for me, via e-mail. After I receive those completed we will schedule a personal phone call. We will then discuss your goals, life style, dietary needs, and any restrictions you may have.

  • Assessment – I will send you a questionnaire on your current fitness level. You will perform a few simple exercises, and submit your before photos.

  • Training – You will receive a personalized routine every 30 days that you are training. This will include Cardio, Upper body, lower body, core, Flexibility, Rest/Recovery Days. You will need to plan for 20 to 90 minutes 7 days a week for your workout.
    • Check-In’s – Every Saturday’s we will look at how the past week has been, via e-mail. Weigh ins are welcomed, but not required. On the 4th Saturday we will do progress photos and measurements.
    • Nutrition – You will receive a health food list, based on your dietary needs. As well as a table showing when you should be eating. *Meal plans are available at an additional charge.

Are you ready to take that first step?

Consultation (without purchase of a package) - $20

30 Day Program - $105

60 Day Program - $200

90 Day Program - $295

Payable via PayPal 

To register email: [email protected]